Dr Mary Murphy

mary-murphyDr Mary Murphy is a Lecturer in Irish Politics and Society at the National Univeristy of Ireland, Maynooth. Previously Mary was a member, via Ministerial Appointment, of the National Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare. She has also served as Irish national expert on European Network of Experts on Gender and Social Inclusion (EGGSI), as an associate member of National Irish Spatial and Regional Analysis Centre, and as a member of both of Focus Ireland Research Advisory Committee and Think Tank for Action on Social Change (TASC). Mary also worked as a campaigner and policy analyst for 15 years in antipoverty, minimum income, labour market activation and gender equality. She graduated from Dublin City University with a PhD, Trinity College with a B.A. (Hons) and from the Dublin Institute of Techology with a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, Training and Development.