Patrick Connolly

Paddy Connolly

Paddy Connolly has been Chief Executive of Age Action since 2018. Age Action is a national advocacy organisation for older people that advocates to shape better policies and services for people as they age. Previously, Paddy was Chief Executive Officer of Inclusion Ireland since early 2012. Inclusion Ireland is a national disability organisation that advocates for the rights of persons with an intellectual disability. Prior to this, Paddy was CEO of Cairde for 14 years. Cairde advocates for the rights of Black and Minority & Ethnic Communities in Ireland. As part of his work in Inclusion Ireland Paddy has developed values-based approaches to equality and Human Rights advocacy and the application of values-based organisation management.

Paddy has a particular interest and experience in managing organisational change, managing conflict in organisations, strategic management and strengthening NGO capacity to bring about societal change.  Earlier in his career Paddy worked in social care, youth work, community development and he has practiced as a certified family mediator and conflict specialist. Paddy holds a BA in Management and an MA in International Relations.