For Human Rights and Equality. For All.


As part of our role to promote understanding and awareness of the importance of human rights and equality in the State, the Commission has developed this awareness series that focuses on highlighting the importance of human rights and equality in everyday life.

Many of us don’t see the worst effects of prejudice and discrimination, yet it happens everyday.

Almost one in eight people having experienced discrimination in Ireland over the past two years.

Our recently published research report with the ESRI on Who experiences discrimination in Ireland? found that:

  • 45-64 yr-olds are more likely to experience discrimination seeking work;
  • Black people in Ireland are three times more likely to experience discrimination in using public services;
  • Travellers are ten times more likely to experience discrimination in seeking work;
  • People with disabilities are over twice as likely to experience discrimination;
  • Women are almost twice as likely to experience discrimination at work.

Rights are for everyone

Human rights and equality mean protection and respect for everyone’s dignity and worth as humans. These are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to everyone equally and without discrimination. They touch every aspect of our daily lives, for everyone’s benefit.

We can expect to be able to work and to buy goods or services free from discrimination and prejudice.

If our society becomes indifferent to the rights of others, we all become more vulnerable to the effects of discrimination.

We’re working to protect and promote human rights and equality.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is Ireland’s independent, statutory body tasked with promoting and protecting human rights and equality in Ireland. The Commission is working to build an inclusive society in which:

  • Everyone’s human rights are respected and protected
  • There is respect for the dignity and worth of each person
  • A person’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice, discrimination, or neglect
  • Everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to take part in economic, political, social and cultural life
  • People respect each other, respect equality and human rights, and understand the value of diversity within society