The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is an independent body in the performance of its functions and pursues its mandate with courage, rigour and fairness.


The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is fully committed to the values of openness, transparency and accountability to the people and to the Oireachtas.


We will ensure the highest standards of access and support to rights holders, creating an environment that enables active participation, especially by those least advantaged, in order to empower them to realise their human rights and secure their equality.

Human Rights, Equality and Non-Discrimination

We operate on the basis of the IHREC 2014 Act – the Commission commits to the fundamental principles of equality, non-discrimination and the indivisibility of human rights.

Rights and Standards

We will place Ireland at the leading edge of human rights and equality best practice by applying the highest standards of human rights and equality protection.

Dignity and Respect

As a Commission we will always treat the public, stakeholders, our staff and each other with empathy, dignity and respect in all of our work and interactions.