Our Values

Non-Discrimination and Equality

We commit to supporting people who face the greatest barriers to justice as part of human rights and equality protection for all.


We build respect and trust by valuing the contribution and initiative of everyone within our organisation and those we work with. Respecting the trust placed in us, we conduct our work to the highest professional standards.


We value our independence and act, where others cannot always do so, in furtherance of human rights, equality and intercultural understanding. We take action based on the highest quality evidence and robust decision-making.


We are fully committed to the values of openness, transparency and accountability to the people and to the Oireachtas.


We recognise the personal autonomy and self-determination of all rights holders and duty bearers. We are committed to hearing and learning from others’ perspectives.


We are responsive to opportunities to advance our mission, and we ensure that our governance, resources, and ways of working support this approach.


We collaborate across and beyond the organisation so that we act promptly and effectively.