All Human All Equal

Because we’re all human.
Means we’re all equal.

Just because it sounds straightforward, doesn’t mean it is.

The Because we’re all human. Means we’re all equal. national awareness campaign aims to inform attitudes towards people with disabilities.

The hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities in Ireland have the right to participate with dignity in everyday life—be it at home, school, work or out and about.

Watch as thirteen people from across Ireland share their experiences of living with autism, an intellectual disability or complex needs; being visually-impaired or blind, hard of hearing or Deaf; and having a physical disability or being affected by mental ill-health.

About the Participants

Raymond Grehan @raymond_grehan

Raymond Grehan lives in Longford, is deaf, is a full-time home-maker as a dad of two children and has seven deaf siblings in his family.

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Ferdia MacAonghusa @ferdiamaca

Ferdia MacAonghusa is a graduate of IADT Film and TV Production. He is a freelance writer, with work on disability featured in the Irish Times.

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Fiona Ferris @Fi_ferris

Fiona Ferris is Deputy CEO of AsIam. Fiona is also a proud autistic self-advocate and proud parent of a young child with an autism diagnosis.

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Eliona Gjecaj

Eliona Gjecaj is a Disability Advisory Committee Member, holds a LLM Degree in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy, and a B.A. International Degree, from NUI Galway.

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James Cawley @jcawleyjnr

James Cawley is Policy Officer at the Independent Living Movement Ireland, a disability activist and a former secondary school teacher. He has a BA and a Professional Masters of Education from Maynooth University. He lives his life independently using a Personal Assistance Service.

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Barbara Brennan @SeeChangeIRL

Barbara Brennan is the Programme Coordinator of See Change, Ireland’s National organisation dedicated to ending the stigma that surrounds mental health. It is informed by people with lived experiences of mental health difficulties and aims to reduce stigma one conversation at a time.

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Dermot Lowndes

Dermot Lowndes is on the Steering Committee of the National Platform of Self Advocates and is a member of Inclusion Ireland’s self-advocacy subcommittee. Dermot speaks often on his experience of self-advocacy and the rights of people with disabilities.

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Gary Allen @garallen

Gary Allen is a software engineer living in Galway with his wife, Linda, for almost 20 years. Gary graduated from DCU in 1991 with a degree in Computer Science and also holds a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching.

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Louise Bruton @luberachi

Louise Bruton is a DJ and freelance journalist regularly contributing to the Irish Times and Louise is also creator of Legless in Dublin website and co-creator of a new club night in Dublin called Pure Shores.

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Patrick Mason

Patrick Mason, in his 40’s, works in a local pizza take-away and likes to get ‘out and about’. Patrick values making connections in his local community and in society generally, as he visits restaurants, art galleries and more. Síle Mason is Patrick’s sister and closest supporter.

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Shelly Gaynor @shellyonwheels

Shelly Gaynor is Chairperson of Independent Living Movement Ireland, with a passion for technology in particular Assistive Technology and the barriers it can break down for disabled people. Shelly directs a Personal Assistants Service through her own company shellyonwheels.

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Shubhangi Karmakar @Repealist_

Shubhangi Karmakar is a 22-year-old postgrad in Molecular Medicine in Trinity College Dublin, and a Visiting Researcher in Neurodevelopmental Disorders abroad. She is better known internationally as her moniker ‘Repealist’, for her leadership in creative advocacy as a Woman of the Year 2019, and she is a journalist, a diversity and inclusion educator, and an artist and designer.

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Rosaleen McDonagh @paveebeoir

Rosaleen McDonagh is a successful playwright, a frequent columnist with the Irish Times and holds a BA and two MPhils from Trinity College Dublin. Rosaleen is currently a PhD candidate in Northumbria University and is a board member of Pavee Point, Traveller and Roma Centre.

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