Trafficking in Human Beings in Ireland

Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive
Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission – June 2022

Trafficking Human Beings in Ireland - report from IHRECThe Commission, as independent Rapporteur on trafficking , is delighted to bring the first Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive report on the States’ actions to combat human trafficking.

With this new function, the Commission is committed to ensuring that Ireland meets the European Union and other international standards on tackling the scourge of human trafficking.

The Commission’s task as Rapporteur is to provide effective, independent and meaningful oversight of the State’s actions to combat human trafficking and protect victims by highlighting the strengths, gaps, and identifying trends.

The Commission’s values are underpinned by a holistic, equality, human rights, victim-oriented, gender-specific and child-centred approach to human trafficking. This Report contributes to the specific obligations emanating from Article 19 of the EU Anti-trafficking Directive, which require the National Rapporteur to undertake assessments of trends in trafficking in human beings, measure results of anti-trafficking actions, gather data and report.