Equality Agenda to Include Older People

The Equality Authority is responsible for the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of equality. The Employment Equality Act of 1998 establishes rights to equal treatment in the workplace, including the prohibition of age discrimination. Similar provisions will address discrimination in non-employment areas (the provision of goods and services) with the enactment of the Equal Status legislation later next year.

To set the equality agenda for Older People, the Equality Authority is establishing an
advisory committee comprising social partners, academic experts and interest groups to advise and provide input to the content of its work in promoting equality for older people.

Areas of focus will include:

  • giving visibility to equality issues for older people;
  • setting the equality agenda for older people; and
  • outlining Equality Authority strategy to promote equality for older people.

At a seminar in Portlaoise today entitled ‘Towards a society for all ages: a vision for the new millennium’. Mr. Niall Crowley, CEO of the Equality Authority referred to the Advisory Committee as a valuable opportunity to widen the range of expertise and interests engaged in the work of the Equality Authority. “The core challenge is to set the key elements of the equality agenda of older people and to identify change that is required to ensure society is accommodating of older people, is “, accessible to older people and embraces their full participation”.