Equality Authority Welcomes NESF Equality Report

The Equality Authority has welcomed the new report ‘Strategic Policy Framework for Equality Issues’ of the National Economic and Social Forum.

“This report establishes the terms for debating and for further developing our approach as a society to equality”, stated Niall Crowley, Chief Executive of the Equality Authority.

“The emphasis on mainstreaming equality – creating a context where equality is a consideration in all decision making – is particularly welcome. The recommendation to develop a statutory duty on the public sector to promote equality is of central importance. This would put us on a par with Northern Ireland and would give a new impetus to our search for equality”.

“In establishing economic, political, cultural and affective goals for our equality strategies, the report provides a clear vision of what we seek to achieve as a society. In particular, it challenges us to give greater attention to the interaction between poverty and inequality. It also challenges us to go beyond acknowledging diversity to ensure that policies and practices accord a value to this diversity and accommodate any practical implications of this diversity”.


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