Refugee Secures Right to Temporary Directive Following IHREC Intervention

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (‘the Commission’) recently gave legal assistance to a Ukrainian national and member of the Roma community in relation to his application for Temporary Protection in Ireland under section 60 of the International Protection Act 2015.

The man’s application was initially refused on arrival in Ireland in November 2022 at Citywest Convention Centre. His passport indicated that he was in Ukraine when it was invaded by the Russian Federation on 24 February 2022. The applicant also submitted his marriage certificate and his children’s birth certificates, showing that he was eligible for Temporary Protection as a family member.

IHREC welcomes the new decision to  grant the applicant Temporary Protection and the recognition by the Department of Justice that a refusal decision should be in writing and provide a reason for the refusal of Temporary Protection.

IHREC recognises the challenges the State faces in processing a large volume of claims for Temporary Protection and welcomes the Government initiatives to date in providing Temporary Protection to Ukrainian Refugees.

The Commission would like to acknowledge the considerable assistance given by Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre and their collaboration with IHREC to achieve a successful outcome in this case. Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre has given assistance to many Roma families from the Ukraine seeking Temporary Protection in Ireland under the Directive.

Chief Commissioner Sinéad Gibney said;

 “Individuals and families forced to flee warzones and seek protection in Ireland and elsewhere are often extremely vulnerable and traumatised. Many members of the Roma community also face additional social inequalities which can exacerbate their distress. It is essential that all Ukrainian refugees including members of the Roma community have equal access to and outcomes from supports provided under the Temporary Protection Directive.”


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