IHREC recommends the Government commit to fully implementing recommendations of the Working Group on Direct Provision

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has recommended that the Government move without further delay to fully implement the recommendations of the Working Group on Direct Provision to enhance compliance with international human rights standards.

The report of the Working Group on Direct Provision, chaired by Dr Bryan McMahon, retired High Court judge was published in June 2015. A status report published by the Department of Justice and Equality indicates that of a total 173 recommendations, 91 have been implemented in full, 49 are partially implemented and 33 are identified as requiring “further consideration”.

Chief Commissioner Emily Logan stated: “Dr Bryan McMahon, retired High Court judge and members of the Working Group brought considerable expertise and insight to this report on direct provision and the protection process. The Working Group delivered a practical report to Government and it is important that the Government implement its recommendations in full”.

“We recommend the Government now move to ensure the remaining measures to give effect to the recommendations are implemented so that people seeking asylum in Ireland can live with a greater degree of respect and dignity.”

“We look forward to engaging with the Tánaiste and Minister Stanton to clarify aspects of the implementation process, and to discuss further human rights and equality issues.”

In December 2014, the IHREC issued a Policy Statement on the System of Direct Provision in Ireland which outlined ten recommendations for improvements to the system. The IHREC was invited by Mr Justice McMahon in February 2015 to present to the plenary session of the Working Group.


For further information please contact Niamh Connolly on IHREC 01 8589601/ 087 4399022. Twitter: follow us @_ihrec

Notes to Editors:

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) was established by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014. The Commission has a statutory remit to protect and promote human rights and equality in the State, to promote a culture of respect for human rights, equality and intercultural understanding and to promote understanding and awareness of the importance of human rights and equality. The IHREC is tasked with reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of law, policy and practice relating to the protection of human rights and equality and with making recommendations to Government on measures to strengthen, protect and uphold human rights and equality accordingly.

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