Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission launches its first Strategy Statement 2016-2018

  • Commission launches its first strategy statement following a nationwide consultation with public, community groups and NGOs

  • Five strategic goals to underpin the Commission’s aim for an inclusive Ireland

  • Contributions from key rights-holders and music from community project 

 The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (“the Commission”) today (Tuesday) launched its first strategy statement which covers the period 2016-2018.

The strategy statement is based on the Commission’s mandate as set out in the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014 and informed by a comprehensive nationwide consultation undertaken in 2015.  The public consultation, ‘Have Your Say’, encapsulated the human rights principle of participation, attracting a variety of groups such as civil society, community groups, NGOs, business, academia, government departments as well as interested individuals.

Outlining the Commission’s function Chief Commissioner Emily Logan said: “We are tasked with reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of law, policy and practice relating to the protection of human rights and equality In Ireland, and with making recommendations to Government on measures to strengthen, protect and uphold human rights and equality.”

On the vision for this newly-formed institution the Chief Commissioner said: “Our vision is of an inclusive Ireland where human rights and equality are respected, protected and fulfilled for everyone, everywhere.”

 The strategy statement sets out the five strategic goals that the Commission will pursue over the next three years, including: 

  • Goal 1 Leadership: The Commission will, by 2019, be recognised as an authoritative force, driving and enabling excellence in human rights and equality
  • Goal 2 Pro-active implementation of Legal Powers: The Commission will pro-actively implement its legal powers, particularly the public duty introduced by S42 of the 2014 Act
  • Goal 3 Promote Understanding: The Commission will promote understanding of the indivisibility of equality and human rights
  • Goal 4 Making Human Rights and Equality Real: The Commission will achieve strategic progress in the critical areas of human rights and equality
  • Goal 5 Promote Intercultural Understanding and Diversity: The Commission will promote and contribute to effective, positive intercultural relations in Ireland and an enhanced recognition of diversity

To guide the Commission in achieving its goals the values of (i) Accountability, (ii) Participation, (iii) Human Rights, Equality and Non-Discrimination, (iv) Rights and Standards and (v) Dignity and Respect were established.

Concluding the Chief Commissioner said: “I look forward to the opportunities for collaboration and exchanging ideas over the lifetime of this strategy and as we make progress on the five strategic goals”.

 Also speaking at the launch were Patrick Reilly of Pavee Point, Debbie Mulhall of community project Dolphin House Alliance and Miriam Dowling of mental health group See Change. Music was provided by the Saol Project Women’s Choir.

The strategy statement is available at 




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