Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Statement on Conflict in Gaza and Israel

Commission joins NHRIs in calling for respect for international humanitarian law

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, in its capacity as a member of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), expresses its solidarity with all those affected by the current conflict in Gaza and Israel.

We reiterate GANHRI’s call “on all parties involved to immediately end the violations of international law, to ensure the full protection of all civilians, and to respect all principles under international law at all times, including the rules of distinction, precaution, legality, and proportionality.”

We also support its call for the “unconditional and safe release of all individuals who have been taken hostage by Palestinian armed groups” and for “international protection for all civilians, and immediate and unhindered humanitarian aid to people in Gaza.”

The Commission welcomes the Irish Government’s call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to allow aid to meet the urgent needs of the people of Gaza.

“The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is part of a global community of human rights institutions. We stand with that community in expressing our deep concern at the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, and our horror at the terror and killing inflicted on civilians in Israel by Hamas. The indiscriminate targeting of civilians within this conflict, and the collective punishment of a civilian population, are both violations of international humanitarian law.

We urge all actors to work to end the violation of international law, and to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians.”



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Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

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