Human Rights and Equality Update - Issue 3 2019
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Issue 3 2019
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In this issue of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission newsletter, we bring you the latest news from the Commission, together with useful resources and information on significant human rights and equality issues in Ireland.

In this issue:


A new electoral commission can tackle discriminatory rhetoric and hate speech in elections

  Electoral Commission

Eliminating the use of discriminatory rhetoric and hate speech in political campaigning should be part of the mandate of any new electoral commission, alongside promoting broad and equal participation in the electoral process.

The Commission has published its recommendations to Government supporting the establishment of a new electoral commission for Ireland. Recommendations on its mandate include promoting standards in political discourse during elections and referendums; setting standards for accessible polling stations and a policy development role as happens in New Zealand and the UK. We suggest its mandate should promote more equal political participation, and specifically for groups who face barriers such as women, persons with disabilities, young people, migrants and people from ethnic minority backgrounds including Travellers and Roma.

Commission policy statement

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Joint Committee hears public views in cross-border visits


The human rights and equality impacts of Brexit on people and bodies operating across the border were heard in Armagh earlier this week as the Joint Committee of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission met with the police forces, probation services, politicians and civil society groups.

The joint visit by the two Human Rights Institutions forms part of their work under the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement in examining human rights and equality issues in the island of Ireland.

Discussion paper on Brexit - March 2018

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Eliminating racial discrimination in Ireland


The Commission, as Ireland’s national human rights and equality body, is on Saturday, March 30th bringing together over 120 young people aged 16 – 24, from a diverse range of backgrounds, communities and experiences to discuss how they view racism and intercultural understanding in Ireland. The event is entitled “Be Heard: Ending Racial Discrimination in Ireland”.

Views collected on the day will contribute to our independent reporting to the UN in November 2019 on Ireland’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

Be heard: ending racial discrimination in Ireland


Ireland's Ratification of the Istanbul Convention


The Commission has welcomed the State’s ratification of the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

We have consistently sought the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, to ensure the State applies a comprehensive approach to combatting and preventing violence against women and domestic violence. Now ratified, the Commission in its statutory role will actively participate in monitoring the implementation of the Convention in Ireland.

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Advancing human rights and equality in the courts - rights of persons with disabilities to reasonable workplace accommodation at question in Supreme Court case


The Commission has appeared before the Supreme Court to exercise its amicus curiae (‘friend of the court’) function in a significant case on the rights of persons with disabilities to have reasonable accommodations made in the workplace.

We are appearing as amicus curiae in this case as the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the reasonable accommodation obligations of employers under the Employment Equality Acts (EEA) will have implications for all people with disabilities in work or seeking employment.

The case of Marie Daly v. Nano Nagle School centres on Marie Daly, a Special Needs Assistant (‘SNA’), who had worked for the Nano Nagle School for children with learning and/or physical disabilities since 1998. In 2010, she had an accident and, after a period of rehabilitation, in 2011 she sought to return to work.

Commission's submissions to the Supreme Court

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Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2019 open for applications

Grant Scheme 

Organisations across Ireland who work on issues of human rights and equality are being invited to apply to the Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2019. The application deadline is Monday 15th April.

We will award small grants of up to €6,000 and general grants of up to €20,000 to support activities in Ireland that advance economic and social rights and equality in relation to the prioritised areas of:

1. Housing/Accommodation
2. Health
3. Decent work

Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme - application form
Guidance Manual for Grant Applications - booklet
Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme - video

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Commission chairs Europe-wide body of human rights institutions 


The Commission has taken on the Chair of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) representing forty-four national human rights bodies across Council of Europe Member States.

Chief Commissioner Emily Logan, representing the Commission, takes office after being elected by ENNHRI members from across the continent in a ballot held in Athens last October. Emily Logan will, on behalf of the Commission, chair an incoming board made up of five other national institutions from Norway, Greece, Poland, Albania and Croatia.

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