Budget proofing for human rights and equality

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is strongly committed to supporting human rights and equality proofing in the  budget process  and  we have  identified  work in this area as a priority in our Strategy Statement  2016-2018.

Earlier this year the  Government  published its ‘Programme for a Partnership Government’  which includes  commitments to :

  • “…develop the process of budget and policy proofing as a means of advancing equality, reducing poverty and strengthening economic and social rights”   and to
  • “draw on the expertise of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to support the proofing process”.

The Programme for Government states that institutional arrangements to support budget proofing will be put in place in the Oireachtas and within key Government Departments.

In 2016 IHREC held a briefing to provide information to Civil Society Organisations on these developments and on the Commission’s work in this area.  We have also prepared the following four factsheets:

Factsheets on budget proofing for human rights and equality

Factsheet 1 Realising Rights: Key Principles

This factsheet identifies some core principles that are relevant to realising social, economic and cultural rights.

Factsheet 2 Budget Proofing: Background and Some Learning

This factsheet describes the background of budget proofing in Ireland and details some recommendations for future work in this area.

Factsheet 3 Budgetary Institutions: What’s Changing?

This factsheet outlines some of the reforms which are relevant to the development of the budget proofing process.

Factsheet 4 The Budget Process

This factsheet outlines the key points on the budget cycle from the Stability Programme Update to Budget day itself.