Human Rights and Equality Grants Scheme 2016

Closure of Grant Scheme

Applications for consideration under the Irish Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2016 have now closed. Please note than no submissions will be facilitated after 5pm on Wednesday 13th July 2016.

Due to the high number of applications received, it is anticipated that it will take some time to  complete the assessment process. Nevertheless we still aim to have done so by the end of September or as soon as possible thereafter, and we will be in communication with all applicants in due course.

We would like to thank all the organisations who have taken the time to submit applications.

We wish you all the very best for the future.

We are delighted to issue a call for proposals under the Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2016.

Publication cover - Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2016 - Application Form

Publication cover - Human Rights and Equality Grant Scheme 2016 - Guidance Manual


Download Guidance Manual here

Tá an leagan Gaeilge ar fáil anseo

Application Form

Download Application Form here

Tá an leagan Gaeilge ar fáil anseo

A Microsoft Word version of the form is available here

Applications must be submitted using the application form provided. If you would like a hard copy of the Guidance Manual and the Application Form or if you have any queries please or write to Human Rights & Equality Grant Scheme 2016, IHREC, 16-22 Green St., Dublin 7

The closing date for receipt of applications is Wednesday 13th July 2016, 5.00pm

Email applications to: (please use the subject line ‘Human Rights & Equality Grant Scheme 2016’)

Post applications to:
‘Human Rights & Equality Grant Scheme 2016’
Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
16-22 Green St.
Dublin 7

Applications, whether submitted by e-mail or post, must be received by the closing date. For postal applications a postage stamp with the closing date is not sufficient

Eligible Activities

The types of activities that are eligible for grant support are:

  • Research and educational activities;
  • Education and training on human rights and equality issues;
  • Programmes of activities and projects for the promotion of integration of migrants and other minorities, equality (including gender equality) and respect for diversity and cultural difference.

Activities should relate to one or more of the goals and objectives set out in our Strategy Statement 2016 – 2018.

How does the grant scheme work?

The grant scheme has three strands. Eligible organisations can submit a maximum of one application per funding strand. Each application must be on a separate application form.

Strand 1: Capacity Building (Maximum Grant €6,000)
Strand 2: Project Implementation (Maximum Grant €20,000)
Strand 3: Collaboration and Dissemination (Maximum Grant €4,000)

Who can apply?

NGOs and civil society groups (including non-profit organisations, community groups and trade unions) can apply for all three strands.

Public bodies and academic institutions can apply for strand 2 and strand 3.

Eligible organisations must be set up as a legal entity with a tax clearance certificate or charitable status and/or a public body. Applications involving a collaborative partnership between two or more organisations are welcome. However, such applications must be made in the name of one lead organisation.

Further details

Strand 1: Capacity Building (Maximum Grant €6,000, 6 month completion timeframe)
The capacity building strand will assist eligible groups to, for example:

  • Develop expertise to engage in relevant human rights and equality activities;
  • Scope out  a project idea with a view to applying for future grant schemes issued by the Commission or elsewhere;
  • Implement and deliver projects.

Strand 2: Project Implementation (Maximum Grant €20,000, 12 month completion timeframe)
The project implementation strand will assist eligible groups to, for example:

  • Undertake quantitative or qualitative research on human rights and/or equality issues. This  might include, for example, data collection, action based research or monitoring the impact of policies or practices;
  • Analyse and document models of good practice to protect and promote human rights and equality;
  • Implement activities and projects to promote human rights and/or equality;
  • Implement human rights and/or equality mainstreaming approaches;
  • Provide training and education on human rights and/or equality.

Strand 3: Collaboration and Dissemination (Maximum Grant €4,000, 6 month completion timeframe).
The collaboration and dissemination strand will support eligible groups to, for example:

  • Raise awareness and share learning through publication of materials, conferences, seminars or roundtables;
  • Enhance knowledge exchange and understanding across different sectors and disciplines;
  • Influence policy and/or mainstream best practice.

The total grant fund available under this call is €250,000. Amounts lower than requested in applications may be allocated to facilitate funding of a greater number of projects.

Please read the guidance manual before completing the application form.

The Human Rights and Equality Grants Scheme has been developed in the context of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014 (section 10(j), (k) and (l)) which gives the Commission powers to provide financial assistance to other bodies to carry out certain activities to promote human rights and equality.