The IHRC welcomes the publication of the Disability Bill

The Irish Human Rights Commission welcomes the publication of the Disability Bill. Its President, Maurice Manning, stated that "since disability is one of our key concerns we are naturally anxious to ensure that the human rights of persons with disabilities are fully respected in major legislative proposals such as this. The Commission has closely followed the domestic debate to date and has actively contributed to the consultation process.

He added "Today we announce our intention to give detailed consideration to this Bill. We will examine its main provisions against the backdrop of Ireland’s international legal obligations in the field and specifically under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The question of the human rights of persons with disabilities is at last receiving the prominence it is due as witnessed by the ongoing drafting of a UN treaty that will further enhance the protection of their rights".

With respect to the delivery of services set out in Part 2 of the Bill our main starting point will be to ensure that the individuals concerned should have access to remedies and sanctions that are ‘accessible, affordable, timely and effective’ as required under international law. Part 3 of the Bill provides a framework whereby Government Departments will publish sectoral plans committing them to the delivery of accessible public services. In this regard we will be principally concerned to assess whether the draft provisions are robust enough to guarantee a positive dynamic of change that delivers tangible results".

"On an initial reading of the Bill it is obvious that much thought and work has gone into its preparation. It contains many interesting and innovative features whose potential deserve close scrutiny. The Commission looks forward to examining the Bill and will publish its considered views in due course" concluded Dr. Manning.

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