Traveller wins First Employment Discrimination Case – Disabled Man Wins Equality Case

Two cases, one represented by the Equality Authority have been upheld in decisions made by the ODEI today. A Traveller who was discriminated against in accessing employment in a hotel has successfully won her case and an award of £5,000 in compensation. A disabled man has been awarded £8,000 for discrimination under the Employment Equality Act against a firm.

“These are both groundbreaking cases taken by the Equality Authority to re-enforce the anti-discrimination provisions that protect Travellers and disabled people in access and carrying out their employment” said Equality Authority CEO, Niall Crowley.

“The Traveller case reveals for the first time, in the operation of the legislation, the barriers faced by Travellers seeking employment and the economic independence that flows from employment. Discrimination against Travellers in accessing employment is illegal and we hope that this case sends out a clear message in this regard to employers and to Travellers who have been discouraged by previous experience of discrimination from seeking employment” he continued.

“The disability case, taken by SIPTU highlights the valuable provision in the Employment Equality Act that requires employers to make reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities. This requirement is crucial if we are to change the disabling environment experienced by so many people with disabilities in their search for employment”, concluded Niall Crowley.