What happens if you succeed or, fail in the Workplace Relations Commission?

If you succeed

An adjudication officer can make different kinds of legally binding orders:

Equal pay

An adjudication officer can order that you receive equal pay in future. You can also receive back pay and compensation for the effects of the discriminatory treatment.

Other kinds of discrimination

If you are an employee, an adjudication officer can order that you receive equal treatment in future. You may also receive compensation of up to two years’ pay, or €40,000 if that is more

If you are not an employee (for example, a job-seeker), the most compensation you can get is €13,000.

If you lose your job

An adjudication officer can order that you are fully re-instated. You may or may not also get compensation.

Legally binding orders

As well as these actions, an adjudication officer can order that an individual or group has to do something aimed at ensuring that similar discrimination does not happen again.

Example The adjudication officer can order that the employer attends a race awareness programme, or develop and implement equality policies in the workplace

If the employer does not carry out the order of the adjudication officer or the terms of the mediation agreement, you can apply to the District Court to enforce this decision.

If your claim is not successful

You may decide not to pursue your claim any further, or in the alternative to appeal to the Labour Court.  You have to do this within 42 days of the adjudication officer making the decision.

You can find out more by contacting the Workplace Relations Commission.