I have an issue about discrimination in ads for services

Discrimination in relation to services happens when you are treated less well than other people, because of who you are.

Advertising is one of the areas covered by the Equal Status Acts 2000 – 2018 (ESA).

The ESA applies to all kinds of goods and services. The ESA protects specified categories of people from discrimination.

Advertisements related to employment cannot include words or images which appear to show that certain people or groups are not welcome, are inferior to others or will not be treated as well as others.

Example A property advertisements says “no rent allowance accepted”.  This is unlawful under the ESA on the housing assistance ground.


Have you seen a discriminatory ad?

You can tell us about advertisements you believe are discriminatory by completing this form.  We will follow up with the advertiser.  We can take a case against them in certain circumstances.