How to make a complaint to the District Court in relation to a registered club


You can apply to the District Court for a declaration that a registered club is discriminating.

A copy of the application must be served by personal service or by post on the club, or any such person as directed by the Court.

After hearing representations from the applicant, and the club, the Court will decided whether the club is a discriminating club.

If it says that it is a discriminating club, the District Court can suspend the clubs license to sell alcohol for up to 30 days.

If it is the second time that the Court has made a finding of discrimination against the club, its certificate of registration can be taken away.  This means it will lose its license to sell alcohol.

The applicant or the club can appeal the decision of the District Court to the Circuit Court within 42 days after the decision of the District Court.  The club can also make changes to its rules or membership and return to the District Court to see if it is still discriminating.

There may be costs involved in taking a case to the District Court or the Circuit Court.

You can access the court forms from the Court Service, or your local District Court Office.