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Work & Age Discrimination

Discrimination on the ‘age ground’ occurs where there is less favourable treatment of one person compared with another person because they are of different ages.

‘Age’ applies to employees over the maximum age at which a person is statutorily obliged to attend school. (The minimum school leaving age is currently 16 years, or the completion of three years of post-primary education, whichever is later).

What's covered?

The Employment Equality Acts 1998–2015:

  • promote equality;
  • prohibit discrimination (with some exemptions) across nine specified grounds (Age, Civil Status, Disability, Family Status, Gender, Membership of the Traveller Community, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation);
  • prohibit sexual harassment and harassment across nine grounds;
  • prohibit victimisation;
  • require reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities in relation to access, participation and training in employment;
  • allow positive action measures to ensure full equality in practice across all nine specified grounds.

The Employment Equality Acts also implement the following EU Directives – The Framework Directive, the Gender Recast Directive, and the Race Directive.

What's not covered?

The prohibition on discrimination is subject to a number of general and grounds-based exemptions.

These are the most common exemptions and not an exhaustive list of exemptions provided for under the Employment Equality Acts.

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What's next?

Make a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) is the body that hears discrimination complaints under Ireland’s equality laws. The WRC deals with both employment and service/goods related claims. There is no fee to bring a case to the WRC and complaints can be made online.

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We, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, have a statutory role to fight discrimination and provide information on equality and human rights in Ireland. Please note however that we are not a court and we do not decide on discrimination claims.

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