Dr. Salome Mbugua

Salome Mbugua

Dr. Salome Mbugua is a researcher, gender equality activist and human right advocate. She is the founder and former CEO of AkiDwA -The Migrant Women’s Network and has over 20 years’ experience of working with under-represented groups in particular women, children, and the youth, in Europe, Africa and internationally.

Since 2015 she has been supporting the development of Wezesha, an African Diaspora led-development organisation supporting women and children who are affected, or are likely to be affected by conflicts, violence, war and poverty, with piloting projects in Kenya and the DRC. Through this organisation, Salome has been working with members of the African Diaspora in Ireland and has conducted research with women from armed conflict countries living in Ireland and the African Diaspora in Ireland to inform policy and the work of the organisation in general.

Salome holds a Doctorate from Trinity College Dublin with her research focusing on integrating women into peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a specific case study of Goma. She also holds a  master’s degree in Equality Studies from UCD.

Her strong belief in equality and justice has shaped her career, leading to engagement with policy makers at national, European and international level. Salome serves on various boards and advisory groups in Ireland and at the European level; she is the chairperson of European Network of Migrant Women and sits on the EU Expert group on Economic Migration. Salome also sits on the Observatory experts group on Violence against Women with the European Women’s Lobby and is 2015 OHCHR-UN Fellow and 2010 Eisenhower Fellow.