Specialist Law Panels

On 16 June 2022, we published a notice inviting suitably qualified barristers to submit their expression of interest to join one or both of two specialist law panels of barristers with relevant experience and expertise in Human Rights and Equality law.

Interested parties could apply using the application form provided between 16 June 2022 and 15 July 2022.

The application process for both Panels has now closed.

We have become aware that a small number of potential applicants may have been unable to submit an expression of interest on time owing to unforeseen exceptional personal circumstances arising during the application period. Anyone affected by such exceptional personal circumstances has until close of business (5pm) on Thursday 18 August 2022 to contact the Commission.

The Commission may consider these applications on an exceptional basis, at its discretion.

NB: Exceptional personal circumstances may include: personal accident occasioning serious injury; serious injury or serious illness; the bereavement of a close family member; or any such other unforeseeable exceptional personal circumstance which was not the fault of the potential applicant and which prevented a potential applicant from submitting an expression of interest to the Commission within the prescribed period.

The Commission reserves the right to seek corroborating evidence of exceptional personal circumstances if it considers that to be necessary.

The Commission will not consider late applications based on any grounds other than the foregoing exceptional circumstances, including inability to apply due to professional or business demands, absence abroad on business, absence on holiday etc.
Potential applicants are also reminded that the Panels will be re-advertised in two years, as stated in the original notice.

How to Apply

Please carefully read the Information Notes for each panel before you apply.

Fill in the Expression of Interest Form for the panel you wish to apply for and email it to procurement@ihrec.ie by 5pm on Thursday 18 August 2022.

Please include the name of the panel and your name in the subject line, eg: “Specialist Equality Law Panel – John Smith”

You should also include an outline of why your application should be considered under the unforeseen exceptional personal circumstances criteria set out above.

Information Notes and Expression of Interest Forms



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