European Court of Human Rights case, Faulkner v Ireland (Application no. 30391/18)

The Commission was recently granted liberty to intervene before the European Court of Human Rights in a case, Faulkner v Ireland,application no. 30391/18, ECtHR (“Faulkner”), and it filed a submission on the 8th February 2021 with the European Court of Human Rights. The Commission also furnished the Court with replying submissions on the 30th April 2021. Please find these documents below:

The case is a significant one focusing on the rights of the rights of members of the Traveller community to accommodation, legal aid and a fair trial. Judgment in this case is awaited.

This case marks the first such intervention by this Commission before the European Court.

  1. Letter to ECHR 080221
  2. Submissions to ECHR 080221
  3. Letter to ECHR 300421
  4. Replying Submissions to ECHR 300421