Realising Children’s Rights – Human Rights Conference

Saturday 14th October 2006. Achieving Rights Based Child Law is the theme of tomorrow’s public conference organised by the Irish Human Rights Commission and the Law Society of Ireland in association with the Ombudsman for Children. Speaking on the rationale for the conference, President of the Law Society, Michael Irvine, noted the significant administrative changes underway in the HSE, the new Youth Justice Unit and the Probation Service. The challenge they face in incorporating children’s rights into their systems is a major focus of the conference.

"The theme of this year’s conference is timely in view of the significant legislative changes under discussion by the Government and also in view of the very recent substantive recommendations for reform made by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child before which Ireland appeared last September" stated the Chief Executive of the IHRC, Dr. Alpha Connelly.

The Ombudsman for Children stated "since the establishment of the Ombudsman for Children’s Office, I have been heartened by the growing momentum in Ireland to put children’s rights on the agenda. The growing national and international consensus for the way we should treat children means that we are moving towards a place where children’s rights are genuinely respected. I am delighted to be associated with today’s conference."

Amongst the speakers at tomorrow’s conference will be Mr, Justice John McMenamin of the High Court, The Hon. Mr. Justice John Gillen, Head of Family Law, Northern Ireland; Prof. Sheila Greene, Director of Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College, Dublin; Michelle Shannon, National Director of the Youth Justice Unit; Michael Donnellan, Director of the Probation Service, and Ursula Kilkelly, UCC.

The conference is open to the public.

Spokespersons are available for interview.

For further information, please contact:

Mary Ruddy

Senior Human Rights Awareness Officer

Irish Human Rights Commission.

Jervis House,

Jervis Street,

Dublin 1.
Tel. : 01 8589 601
Website :

Editor’s Note

This is the fourth in a series of human rights conferences jointly organised by the IHRC and the Law Society of Ireland. This year’s conference is organised in association with the Children’s Ombudsman.

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