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The Commission sought liberty to intervene in these proceedings as amicus curiae because the proceedings raise important issues relating to the human rights of persons who apply to be identified as a victim of trafficking in human beings, the significance of which goes beyond the parties to the proceedings.

McDonnell v. Governor of of Wheatfield Prison

In these submissions, the Commission will endeavour to set out the legal principles applicable generally to situations where prisoners are segregated for their own safety and will focus, in particular, on the need for rigorous and proportionate procedures before prisoners are segregated and the need for ongoing reviews and transparency when segregation measures are implemented…

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (‘the Commission’) welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the consultation by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on its development of a National Action Plan on business and human rights, aimed at implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on business and human rights.  

Intercultural Training for Yellow Flag Schools

One of the steps of the Yellow Flag programme consists of awareness training for school staff and management. This resource provides a number of activities which can be used by trainers in an initial 2 hour whole staff workshop which will fulfil the school’s requirements for achieving the Yellow Flag.