EBulletin Issue 8 (April 2009)

Highlights from this edition: Launch of Policy Statement on Human Rights and Policing; observations on Spent Convictions Bill 2007; Equal legal representation in the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme;

EBulletin Issue 7 (March 2009)

Highlights from this edition: Policy Statement on Section 62 of the Housing Act 1966

EBulletin Issue 5 (January 2009)

Highlights from this edition: UDHR 60th Anniversary Human Rights Poster Exhibition by Students; IHRC 2nd Enquiry Report into the treatment of a visitor refused leave to land in the State. Observations on the scheme of the Criminal Justice (Public Order)(Amendment) Bill 2008; Fair Procedures in Local Authority Housing Evictions – Pullen v Dublin City Council…

EBulletin Issue 3 (October 2008)

Highlights from this edition: Launch of IHRC’s 2007 Annual Report; Observations on Immigration, Protection and Residence Bill 2008; IHRC’s amicus curiae application to European Court of Human Rights; Rights of Transgendered People.

Positive Action for Traveller Employment

Positive Action for Traveller Employment offers the reader an insight into ten different and innovative approaches to employment creation in the Traveller community. The case studies highlight valuable commitment and creativity from government departments, local authorities, Traveller organisations and Travellers in seeking to respond to low levels of employment for Travellers in the mainstream labour…

Equality Works for SMEs

This publication presents case studies of actions taken by SMEs on equality. It shows how they have benefited from taking action on equality. These SMEs were supported through a scheme for SMEs run by the Equality Mainstreaming Unit, overseen by the National Framework Committee for Equal Opportunities at the level of the Enterprise. 282 SMEs…