Edited by Katherine Zappone. Published by the Joint Equality and Human Rights Forum (Equality Authority (Ireland); Human Rights Commission (Ireland); Equality Commission for Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission; Disability Rights Commission (Great Britain); Commission for Racial Equality (Great Britain); Equal Opportunities Commission (Great Britain).

The Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC), in its second enquiry report, examines the treatment of a visitor refused leave to land in the State. The Report recommends that the Government introduce tighter safeguards to immigration law and practice including a review of the provisions of the Immigration, Protection and Residence Bill 2008 (2008 Bill).

Strategic Plan for 2003-2006

The Plan provides information on what the Commission has done to date and the key areas of work on which the Commission intends to focus in its future work. The Commission uses the Plan as a key document in its dialogue with various bodies, agencies and individuals throughout the lifetime of the Plan.