Press Releases

“The Equality Authority warmly welcomes today’s political agreement in Brussels byLabour and Social Affairs Ministers to implement the principle of equal treatmentbetween people of different racial or ethnic origins in the form of a binding EuropeanDirective” according to a statement issued by Niall Crowley, Chief Executive of theEquality Authority, this afternoon. The Directive was proposed […]

Unprecedented progress has been made in recent years in the development of equality and in combating discrimination but considerable challenges lie ahead, Niall Crowley, Chief Executive of the Equality Authority said today at the National Economic and Social Forum’s Plenary on Equality Issues in Dublin Castle. Niall Crowley set out the continuing challenges in the […]

The Equality Authority was set up. under the Employment Equality Act 1998. It was established on 18th October 1999. The Equality Authority is unique in Europe in terms of the range and extent of its role. The Authority consists of a Chair and ~ 2 members, male and female, with 2 employer nominees and 2 […]

The Equality Authority is responsible for the elimination of discrimination and the promotion of equality. The Employment Equality Act of 1998 establishes rights to equal treatment in the workplace, including the prohibition of age discrimination. Similar provisions will address discrimination in non-employment areas (the provision of goods and services) with the enactment of the Equal […]

An Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Gays .and Lesbians has been established by the Equality Authority and meets for the first time today. The Equality Authority established on 18th October last under the Employment Equality Act, 1998 works towards the elimination of discrimination in employment and following the enactment of the Equal Status Bill […]

A one day cross border conference for employers, educators and policy makers entitled “Tipping the Balance” was held in Portadown today. Issues facing women in the workplace include affordable childcare, access to training, greater flexibility, low pay, promotion and participation in non-traditional fields. The conference highlighted innovative approaches to the difficulties faced by employers and […]

New equality infrastructures presents new challenges for Irish workplaces. The role of the Equality Authority and the Employment Equality Act, 1998 have been put in place because of the need to change the way we do our business. The challenge for organisations is to change and to realise the benefits of change. Addressing a conference […]

Today the Equality Authority is hosting the second symposium entitled “What contribution can the Equality Authority make to Building an Intercultural Society”, ~~ part of True Colours, a 2 week programme of events organised by the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism. The Equality Authority will make its contribution to building an intercultural society […]