Promoting Human Rights and Equality in Intercultural workplaces

This context of cultural diversity holds significant promise for business success, employee wellbeing and societal harmony. Research published by the Equality Authority has shown that:

  • workplace policies on positive action and on equality and diversity in top team management enhance organisational performance;
  • diversity and equality systems in the workplace enhance labour productivity and workforce innovation and reduce employee turnover.

The benefits of cultural diversity can only be realised where a successful integration of different cultures is achieved in the workplace.  Integration means doing business in a way that values all cultures in the workplace and enables the contribution of all cultures to business success in a context characterised by non-discrimination and equality. Integrated workplaces:

  • are free from discrimination and harassment;
  • acknowledge and provide for cultural and linguistic diversity among employees and customers as well as making adjustments for diversity among all migrant workers and other Black and minority ethnic employees including those with disabilities;
  • take practical steps in order to achieve full equality in practice for all migrant workers and other Black and minority ethnic employees;
  • communicate a message promoting greater equality within the wider culturally diverse community served by the business.

Please note that these factsheets are for information only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be treated as such.