Human Rights and Equality in the provision of good and services

Investing in human rights and equality policies and practices has many benefits for public sector organisations, businesses, education institutions and those renting or letting accommodation .  Doing so will:

  • contribute to enhanced quality customer service with its emphasis on meeting the needs of a diversity of customers and with the creativity and insight that flow from a concern for and a knowledge of this diversity.
  • stimulate and support positive staff – customer/service user relationships that in turn can contribute to enhanced staff morale and engagement with the business.
  • stimulate a staff focus on the legislation and on good practice.

Further to this it ensures:

  • compliance with the law
  • avoids the danger of costly discrimination-related legal cases
  • helps you to fulfil your public duty
  • target your resources effectively
  • identify the requirements and needs of service users
  • identify services that are working well and those which do not.

Your business or service may be starting on its road to human rights and equality or it may have a long track record.  This will determine your next step:

  • Take some time to learn more about What does the law say in relation to the provision of goods and services.



Please note that these factsheets are for information only. They do not constitute legal advice and should not be treated as such.