Express Yourself! - IHREC - Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself! is a CSPE student art project developed by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to give voice to young people’s concerns on issues of human rights and equality. Earlier this year we invited students across the county to participate in the project by creating images and words that illustrate a human rights or equality issue they’re interested in. Students were encouraged to place a spotlight on groups experiencing inequality, injustice and who need greater protection.

This year’s submissions were exhibited at an event in Dublin’s City Hall on Tuesday 24th of February and spanned a range of subjects like LGBT, homelessness, racism, bullying and mental health. At the opening of the exhibition Sinead Gibney, Director of IHREC praised the work the work of the CSPE students and teachers, saying “the central message of all your efforts seems to me to be that everyone is equal in rights and dignity whoever you are without discrimination” 

We thank all the students who participated and their and teachers and parents for putting such effort, insight and creativity into their pieces.



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